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StopSleepGo users could find a variety of accommodations perfect for any occasion, from family vacations to business trips and romantic getaways, just about anywhere in the world.

As of 2015, the UK-based company had more than 50,000 listings worldwide. StopSleepGo offered a great selection of properties in the US and has a increasing stock of unique listings in Asia. StopSleepGo had offices in both London and Asia in order to bring quality listings to its expanding customer base. The founder, Nick Hargreaves, was also the CEO and co-founder of VacationRentalPeople.

Things To Know About StopSleepGo

  • It is currently no longer active
  • Signing up was quick and easy with StopSleepGo Facebook connect.
  • Hosts could sign up for free at StopSleepGo.
  • There was a 100% financial guarantee, for both the renters and the owners. If you booked through StopSleepGo your money is automatically insured, ensuring peace of mind when you book your vacation rental.
  • StopSleepGo ShoutOut allowed guests who are having trouble finding the right place post their travel dates and accommodation needs. Hosts with a matching profile were notified, and they in turn sent a message to the guest about their property. It's effortless!

Comments About StopSleepGo

"StopSleepGo connects people who want to rent their apartments with happy vacationers who are looking for something a little different from the average tourist experience." - Killer Startups, 2013

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